Kawaii Models in Japan
The Ultimate Guidebook

For Professional Creators/ Photographers
Who would like to Shoot Kawaii Models in Japan

What is “Bijinzukan", The Ultimate Guidebook - Kawaii Models in Japan ?

"Bijinzukan" is a community where creators/ photographers and Kawaii models can meet and work each other. Members must respect the Bijinzukan shooting rules below (i.e. nude or sexual subjects shoots are prohibited). Creators who would like to access to the model's information and be able to arrange shoots with the models, must first register on Bijinzukan.

All listed Kawaii models have agreed on the model release. However, if you need a model release of the shoot, please confirm with the model prior to the shooting. (Some premium models might reject, subject to the usage of images.)

If you are interested, please register as an authorized creator of "Bijinzukan" - The Ultimate Guidebook, Kawaii Models in Japan, by clicking Crator Registration form. Membership fee for individual creator is 500 Yen per month - prepaying 6 months by 3,000 Yen or prepaying 12 month with discounted price 5,000 Yen.

If some serious complaint raised from the models whom you worked with, your Bijinzukan membership might be dismissed. In this case, pre-paid membership fee are not payed back to you.

The registration request is checked by Bijinzukan Co., Ltd in a couples of days. Once the registration is accepted, list of Twitter accounts of Kawaii models will be disclosed to you (the creator). Then You can start communicate to Kawaii models directly via Twitter. However, please understand not all of the models are good at English.

If you would like to use Kawaii models in Japan as a corporate, Bijinzukan will propose corporate membership. Please send e-mail to santos@bijinzukan.jp for requesting proposals.

Bijinzukan Shooting Rules

Creators registered with Bijinzukan should respect and follow the shooting rules below whenever working with Bijinzukan models. In cases of serious violation of the rules, legal action may be taken.

1) Shooting of nude or sexual subjects are strictly prohibited.
2) If the model is less than 18 years of age at the time of the shoot, you must obtain approval from the model's parent prior to the shoot.
3) Communicate the goals and styles of the shoot, the usage of images to the model prior to the actual shooting.
4) Do not force poses and styles on the model if he/ she do not agree. Always care for the condition of the model, and make sure they feel comfortable and safe.
5) Only communicate with the models with regards shooting. Selling goods or services are prohibited.

Guideline for Model fee and Commuting Costs

Our suggested guideline for model fee is 10,000 Yen for 3-5 hours. The premium models may require some additional fee. The creator should also absorb the cost of the model’s commute to the shooting location. Please pay the model fee and commuting cost directly to the model.

Casting Kawaii Models

To request a model to participate in a shoot, please communicate with Kawaii models directly via Twitter.
If you would like Bijinzukan Co., Ltd to arrange necessary casting of Kawaii models for your shooting, 6,480 Yen is required per each model as casting fee. Please contact Bijinzukan for more details.

Bijinzukan, Co., Ltd.

Bijinzukan is owned and operated by Santos Ota - a professional photographer based in Yokohama, Japan. Prior to launching Bijinzukan, Santos was working for Getty Images, the world's largest stock photo agency.

Address:97-35 Sakainotani, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0054 Japan
Telephone:+81 90 8987 1588

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