Kawaii Models in Japan
The Ultimate Guidebook

  • 1) Individual creators membership fee is 500 Yen per month - prepaying 6 months by 3,000 Yen or prepaying 12 month with discounted price 5,000 Yen.
  • 2) If you would like to use Kawaii models as a corporate, Bijinzukan will propose corporate membership. Please send an e-mail to santos@bijinzukan.jp.
  • 3) You must read, understand and accept Bijinzukan's shooting rules prior to the registration.
  • 4) If you do not have Twitter account, click Twitter


Bijinzukan Shooting Rules

Creators registered on Bijinzukan should respect and follow the shooting rules below whenever working with Bijinzukan models. In cases of serious violation of the rules, legal action may be taken.

  • - Shooting of nude or sexual subjects are strictly prohibited.
  • - If the model is less than 18 years of age at the time of the shoot, you must obtain approval from the model's parent prior to the shoot.
  • - Communicate the goals and styles of the shoot, the usage of images to the model prior to the actual shooting.
  • - Do not force poses and styles on the model if he/ she do not agree. Always care for the condition of the model, and make sure they feel comfortable and safe.
  • - Only communicate with the models with regards shooting. Selling goods or services are prohibited.